The Hero's Journey Workshop

An intensive personal growth workshop developed by Paul Rebillot


You have the feeling that there's more to life than this, but you keep pushing it aside amid the daily grind.


You want to follow your call, but there are so many doubts...


You have a vision, and you're ready and willing, but something keeps getting in the way... and it seems that this something might be you!


Are you longing to follow your passion and live more authentically? If so, then the Hero's Journey might be calling you...

An intensive personal growth workshop


In almost every human being there is a conflict between the part that wants to make something out of life, seaking change and development; And another part, that appreciates the comfort of the known, that prefers suffering rather than action for a change.

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In this workshop we are using a broad variety of methods out of the human potential movement, expecially Gestalt therapy, Bioenergetics, theater, dance and creative techniques.

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The next workshop is planned from October 21 to 26, 2018 in Ruhpolding, a beatiful place in the bavarian alps between Munich and Salzburg.

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