The Idea of the Hero's Journey



the aim

You have to deal with yourself and with people surrounding you day in and day out. It is not only your expertise that is required, but your greatest asset is your personality. And that needs constant development, new energy and new impulses too.
With the Hero's Journey we offer you an optimal tool to:

  • develop your personal vision (further)
  • reduce resistors and blockages
  • recharge, release and mobilize your own energy
  • prevent burnout, to reduce psychosomatic discomfort
  • become even more communicative and outgoing
  • make a great step towards a more creative personality
  • find even more fulfillment, joy and contentment in yourself, your profession and your relationships.
  • discover a deeper vision for your further path of life.

Through the use of creative, playful and therapeutic elements the Hero`s Journey provides access to repressed problems and offers opportunities for integration of them.
The Hero's Journey helps you to:
- recognize and live your own desires, ideas and goals more clearly

the Structure

In almost every human being there is a conflict between the part that wants to make something out of life, seaking change and development; And another part, that appreciates the comfort of the known, that prefers suffering rather than action for a change.

If this conflict between longevity and security is not solved, paralysis, lack of energy and dissatisfaction are the results. Authentic and in their sence successful people have learned to integrate their adventurous part as well as their protective part into their personality.

This conflict is very significant for us humans and solving this problem makes us mature, mature and self-sufficient. In other cultures, initiation rituals have been helping to take the necessary steps in life, in our culture we are left quite alone.

In the ritual of the Heros Journey, developed on the basis of hero myths spread throughout most of the world's cultures, you have the opportunity to work out and integrate these two conflicting parts of your personality.

The unification of "hero" and "demon" (the inner bracer) leads you to a more holistic personality that knows your abilities and acts according to your goals.

Origin and effects

In this seminar we are working on the structure of the "Hero`s Journey" developed by Paul Rebillot.
Paul Rebillot was born in Detroit in 1931 and died on February 11, 2010 in San Francisco.

Paul Rebillot studied philosophy and performing arts and has worked as a director, actor and teacher. After a profound crisis of existence, he set out on a journey of self-discovery. In the end, it led him to the Esalen Institute in California, where he met Dick Price who taught him Gestalt Therapy, and Joseph Campbell, whose standard work "The Heroes in a Thousand Figures" became an inspiring source for the development of the Hero's Journey.

Paul founded the "School of Gestalt and Experiential Teaching" in San Francisco and brought his work to Europe in the 80s.


Since 1990, more than 2,000 people have experienced the Hero's Journey with us and in several empirical studies, we reviewed the results of this seminar. Lastley, the University of Leipzig took the results of our investigation and concluded that:

  • Still one year after the seminar 80% of the participants say that they are "better" or "much better" off than before the seminar.
  • It has been shown that psychological stress and depression decreased significantly; on the other hand the sence of understanding and mastering life increased strongly.