Influenced by his study of Gestalt therapy, the performing arts, and his association with the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell, Paul Rebillot has created a dynamic rite of passage for anyone experiencing personal challenge or a life transition. In The Hero's Journey, Rebillot explains why personal crisis can actually be a form of spiritual calling. Sharing intimate details about his own stormy search for meaning, Rebillot shows how, through the process of ritual, a spiritual  emergency can be transformed into a rewarding and powerful experience.


I find it very exciting that this book, which offers clear, practical guidelines for the experience of the Hero's Journey, will now become available to all those who can benefit from it. I recommend it to all serious students of consciousness, as well as all those interested in their own healing, personal growth, and transformation. I hope it will be widely used as a guide by individuals as well as group leaders.
- from the Foreword by Stanislav Grof, M.D.


Paul Rebillot: The Hero's Journey. A Call to Adventure. How to Use Crisis and Change to Expand Your Life’s Opportunities, Eagle Books 2017
eBook  9,99 US$, ISBN-13: 978-3-946136-01-9
Print version 24,90 US$, ISBN-13: 978-3-946136-00-2