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Cognitive roots
The structure and activities of the processes are explained and illustrated clearly.
The meaning, purpose, and structure of myths and rituals, the background of the methods of humanistic psychology, the connection to the archetypal doctrine, C. G. Jung, and the basics of meditation are imparted/conveyed.

Imaginative methods
Guided imaginary journeys provide access to inner images and feelings. Fueled by movement and music, this leads to a holistic experience as a foundation of the experienced process.

Gestalt Therapy
The practice of Gestalt Therapy is a unique experience oriented approach to psychotherapy, in which the intensive orientation of consciousness towards the emotional and physical processes in the here and now is used to physically accomplish unfinished, repressed issues in one 's life and transform them into a “complete Gestalt”.

Body experience
Elements from Bioenergetics and related body therapies allow for the solving of deep physical and energetic blockages and are health prevention in the best sense.
Recurring morning and evening meditations show ways to inner peace and silence. They are a valuable stimulus for everyday life.